Theoretical Nuclear Physics

Theoretical Research in Nuclear Physics

Professors Abhijit Majumder and Sean Gavin

Theoretical high-energy nuclear research lead by Sean Gavin brings cutting edge theoretical techniques to bear on the dynamics of the quark-gluon plasma and relativistic heavy ion collisions. Gavin’s research has touched almost every problem in this active field. Best known for his work on charmonium production, he has done highly cited and important work on several very different problems in this field, including thermalization, disoriented chiral condensates, parton energy loss, HBT and correlations. Methods he has used include quantum field theory, QCD perturbation theory, and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. Computational methods range from pencil-and paper to numerical simulations on our 20 CPU Linux array. In the last three years he guided and supported the research of five graduate students, leading to one completed PhD as of 2004. These efforts are supported in part by a U.S. National Science foundation CAREER award. 

For a list of publications by members of this group, click here.