Dr. Sultana Nahar recipient of John Wheatley Award of the American Physical Society

Dr. Sultana Nahar, one of our alumni, is the recent recipient of the 2013 John Wheatley Award of the American Physical Society. This named award honors and recognizes the dedication of the recipient for making contributions to the development of physics in third world countries. Dr. Sultana Nahar is the founding member of the International Society of Muslim Women in Science. She has been very active in promoting science education for women in Egypt, Bangladesh, India and other countries.

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Sultana joined the Wayne State University Department of Physics & Astronomy Fall 1981 as an international student from Bangladesh. She received her Ph.D. from our Department in 1987 and has been in the Department of Astronomy of Ohio State University since 1990.

Sultana's accomplishments bring considerable honor and recognition to our Department.  

Congratulations to Dr. Sultana Nahar!

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