Physics and Astronomy Outreach: Science Teachers Organizations

Science Teachers Organizations

We advertise our programs at conferences for the Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA), the Metropolitan Detroit Science Teachers Association (MDSTA), and the Michigan section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (MI-AAPT). Our faculty present exciting topics in physics at science teacher conferences!


DMAPT (Detroit Metropolitan Area Physics Teachers)
Our faculty attend meetings; contribute to events; and we also hosted the 50th anniversary celebration!


K-12 Schools and Math and Science Centers
Our faculty visit schools and Math & Science centers to advertise programs and to inform and inspire students.


Collaborations with Detroit Public Library; Detroit Science Center
 Faculty presentations are given at general public lectures.


HiSchool DiSCo: High School Distributed Scientific Computing
How can we excite and interest future generations to become scientists and engineers?  Enter HiSchool DiSCo:a program with the dual purpose of teaching high school students the basics of Linux/Windows administration and scientific computational methods. This  “toy grid” uses a network of Linux-powered computers,  set up at local high schools,  to perform high energy physics computations. This program brings state-of-the-art physics research into the classroom  and enables students to participate!  Click the link provided to find out how your school can participate in this exciting program.