New AGRADE Program: get Engineering MS and Physics BS degrees in 5 years!

Provost Winters has approved a new degree program, "AGRADE," between
the undergraduate Physics program in the Physics Department, College
of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Master of Science program in
Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering effective Fall 2016. It
is intended for those students that would like to acquire an
engineering degree after only five years at WSU - and have all the
benefits of a Physics undergraduate degree as well.

The high-tech jobs of tomorrow will require firm grasp of the
fundamental and advanced physics. Engineering problems such as
building complex nanoscale devices or developing more efficient ways
to distribute electricity need strong backgrounds in the fundamentals
of mathematics and science combined with problem solving skills of
engineering. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
disciplines are strongly interconnected, and students entering one
program in the STEM area often are interested in expanding expertise
to include other areas. Creating cross-college programs that involve
resources of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and College of
Engineering will provide the opportunity for students whose
educational goal is to acquire wide expertise in STEM disciplines.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Prof. Alexey
Petrov (program adviser on the Physics side, or
Prof. Ivan Avrutsky (program adviser on the Engineering side,

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