First students graduate with BA in Astronomy from Wayne State

The Department of Physics & Astronomy has successfully graduated the first two students from the recently started BA in Astronomy program. Renee Ludlam and Rachael Merritt both graduated last week from the new program. Both Renee and Rachael not only obtained a BA in Astronomy, but also graduated with a BS in Physics. That wasn’t enough for Rachael, who also got a BA in Classics on top of that!  After graduating from Wayne State both Renee and Rachael are going onto to graduate school. Renee will be pursuing a PhD in Astronomy at the University of Michigan, while Rachael will pursue a Masters in Physics here at Wayne State.

Wayne State astronomer Prof. Ed Cackett said “It is very exciting to see the first graduates from our new astronomy program. I’m looking forward to seeing many more students graduate in astronomy over the next few years as the program goes from strength to strength.” On graduating with a BA in Astronomy, Rachael said "The program has offered me many opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. I feel my classes, and especially the faculty, have prepared me to be a successful graduate student and I am looking forward to taking the next step."

Congratulations to all who graduated last week from the Department of Physics & Astronomy. 

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