7th International Workshop on Charm Physics (CHARM 2015) hosted by Wayne State

The Department of Physics and Astronomy hosted 7th International Workshop on Charm Physics (CHARM 2015). The event took place in McGregor Memorial Conference Center on 18-22 May, 2015 (http://charm2015.wayne.edu). We had approximately 100 participants from all over the world over the course of the workshop, who were greeted by WSU VP for Research Stephen Lanier and our own Ratna Naik. The pdf files of five days of intense talks and discussions can be found on the conference website, http://charm2015.wayne.edu/program.php

Members of the Local Organizing Committee included Professors David Cinabro, Sean Gavin, Robert Harr, Abhijit Majumder, Gil Paz, Alexey A Petrov (Chair), Claude Pruneau, and Joern Putschke who all worked very hard to make this a very successful event. The conference would not have been possible without help of scientific secretaries for the meeting: graduate students Nicholas Richard Elsey, Jinjin Pan, Joydeep Roy, M Ayesh Gunawardana, Jelena Stanisic, Salvatore Di Carlo, Derek Hazard, Christopher Clarke, and Steven Patrick Dye; undergraduate student Dillon Fitzgerald, postdocs Kolja Kauder, Matthew Gonderinger, and lecturer Aditya Yechan Gunja. The conference secretary, Ms. Janice Lebiecki, deserves a special notice for her efforts to make this conference a success. Congratulations to all who make this meeting a success!

The next, 8th International Workshop on Charm Physics, will take place in Bologna, Italy in September 2016.

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