Wayne State University

Aim Higher

Students from six area high schools visit the Physics & Astronomy department during the 16th annual Advanced Placement Day at Wayne State

April 25, 2017

Today, WSU welcomed nearly 2000 high school students to campus for the 16th annual Advanced Placement day. The students visit many departments across campus, hear talks from professors on their research, get led on tours, and enjoy a nice lunch. This day is not only to reward to the students for their hard work but it is also to showcase Wayne State's beautiful campus and exciting research opportunities. About 60 students visited the Physics and Astronomy department and heard talks from Professors Cackett (on black holes), Llope (on relativistic heavy-ion collisions), and Sakamoto (on molecular motors), then saw a planetarium show and had tours of the labs of Llope and Sakamoto. The students asked many great questions!