Ph.D. program

Ph.D. Requirements 

Candidates for the doctoral degree must complete ninety credits beyond the baccalaureate, including:

1.Six 7000 or higher courses which must include PHY 7110,  7400, 7500 and one of either PHY7050 or 7060 or 7070.  Additional 7000 level courses could be chosen from PHY 7200, 7410, 7600 and 7610.

2. Thirty hours of PHY 9991 to 9994, Physics Doctoral Dissertation Research.

3.Students specializing in experimental or theoretical condensed matter physics must either take PHY 7550 or 7560 (or both if recommended by the Research advisor).

4. Students specializing in theoretical physics are encouraged to take PHY  8850 and 8860.

5. Students specializing in nuclear physics should take PHY 8800.

6. Students specializing in particle physics should take PHY 8810.

NOTE that 30 hours of credit earned toward a Master's degree at another institution may be transferred and appear on the Plan of Work if the grade of A or B was earned. However, all the credits at Wayne State University for a Master's degree may appear on the Plan of Work. Also, non-physics courses must be approved by the Graduate Advisor/Research Advisor.

It is to be noted that the University minor requirement (of a graduate student taking 8 credits in a department other than their major department) has been waived for physics majors since they receive extensive mathematics training through PHY 5100 and 7100, and gain extensive experience with computers during their dissertation research.

On petition of the student and his/her dissertation adviser, the Departmental Graduate Committee may consider waiving any of the course requirements listed in item 1 above. However, the student must display exceptional knowledge of the relevant subject matter. It should also be noted that the student's dissertation adviser may require him/her to take additional courses if those courses are relevant to the student's field of specialization.

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