Master of Arts program

The Master of Arts in Physics is essentially a non-research degree designed primarily for students who do not require a research degree to satisfy their career objectives; however, the degree does not exclude the possibility of continuing work toward the Ph.D.


M.A. Requirements

The Master of Arts degree is offered by this Department only under the following option:

Plan B: Twenty-nine credits in course work plus a three-credit thesis...

1. At either the graduate or undergraduate level, Physics 5210, 5500, 6600, 6610, or equivalent courses, and at least six credits in quantum physics such as covered in the courses Physics 6400 and 6410, or their equivalent. Mathematics through PHY5100 and PHY 7100, or equivalent courses.

2. At least nine credits at the 7000 level or above (exclusive of Physics 7990, 7996, 7999, 8995, and 8999) including Physics 7110 and/or 7200 and at least one course from Physics 7050, 7060, & 7070.

3. At least half of all course work must be in Physics.

4. A departmental final oral exam (essay defence) is required for all candidates.

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