2012 Vaden W. Miles Memorial Lecture


March 29, 2012

Colonel Terry Virts, NASA Astronaut


 "Space Shuttle Mission STS-130 &Scientific Exploration on the International Space Station"


Colonel Terry Virts, NASA Astronaut, presents a compelling lecture about his role as STS-130 pilot of Space Shuttle Endeavour, and as the mission’s lead robotic operator.
Space Shuttle Mission STS-130 was the final assembly mission of the International Space Station (ISS) program. Tranquility and Cupola - two important modules - were carried aloft and assembled on the ISS providing a primary living complex and spectacular panoramic views of planet Earth.
As riveting as science fiction, Virts describes the mission in terms of complex spacewalks and robotics.  He discusses scientific research opportunities on board the ISS namely the AMS-2 (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2), a particle physics instrument, and the basic fields of research being conducted: human health and technology testing for future exploration, life and physical sciences, and Earth and space science.
Join us for this adventure in space, Thursday, March 29th!
General Lectures Building, Room 100
5045 Anthony Wayne
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
Refreshments will be served at 3:30pm with the lecture immediately following at 4:00pm.
Biography of Colonel Terry Virts available here.
Event poster available here.
Images of Colonel Terry Virts and the International Space Station: NASA