Minor in Biomedical Physics

minor in Biomedical Physics requires a minimum of 22 credits and 6 courses (plus associated labs when applicable).

The required courses are:

1) Basic physics sequence (either 2130/2140 with labs, or 2170/2180  with labs)  (10 credits)
2) PHY 3700 Mathematics for Biomedical Physics (4 credits)
3) PHY 4700 Introduction to Biomedical Physics (4 credits)
4) One or two courses chosen from PHY 3750/6750 (Computational Physics), 5750 (Biological Physics), 6710 (Physics in Medicine) or 6780 (Biomedical Physics Research) (one class: 3-4 credits; two classes: 6-7 credits)
5) If only one course is taken from the list of 4 above, student can also take PHY 5340/5341 (Optics) or PHY 5620/5621 (Electronics) (both 5 credits), or another physics class at the 3000 level or above to complete 22 total credits.
Students will also be required to take all relevant pre-requisites for their minor courses (for example: MAT 2010, 2020 for PHY 3700).

Students need to consult with the Dept Undergraduate Advisor and complete a Tentative Plan-of-Work form, before declaring a minor in BMP.


Questions about the Biomedical Physics Program?

Please make an appointment with the Dept undergraduate advisor, Dawn Niedermiller by using the convenient advising scheduling link below:



Dawn Niedermiller

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

WSU Department of Physics & Astronomy

Office: 156 Physics Research Bldg

666 W. Hancock Ave, Detroit, MI  48201


Phone: 313-577-0180