The Biomedical Physics program is an interdisciplinary program that combines classes in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Medical Sciences.  It is offered by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, in collaboration with the Wayne State Medical Physics Department, to prepare students for the job market of today and tomorrow!

Biomedical Physics deals with applications of physics to questions of biology and medicine. The program is designed to train you to use quantitative, physical science inspired approaches to problems of the life sciences.

Biomedical Physics will prepare you for careers or graduate studies in biophysics, medicine, biomedical engineering, medical physics or any other field requiring physical and technological approaches to medical or biological questions.

View the requirements for the Biomedical Physics program here!

In addition, you can learn about the Masters in Biomedical Engineering (in just one more year of study beyond the undergraduate biomedical physics degree requirements), through the university AGRADE program.