Senior Rule

The Senior Rule is a one-term opportunity provided to students who need only one or two courses to complete their undergraduate work and who wish to use their last term to take some graduate courses. Students wishing to use the Senior Rule must be admissible to the graduate program and should apply well in advance of the beginning of that term. For that term only, the student's tuition is assessed at the Junior-Senior rate for all coursework, even for that which is designated as graduate credit. Courses carrying graduate credit are entered only on the graduate transcript.


  • Students who have completed all requirements for a bachelor's degree are not eligible.
  • To be eligible, students must register for at least one credit which is required for the undergraduate degree.
  • Undergraduate and graduate courses combined may not exceed 16 credit hours for the final semester of the baccalaureate degree work .
  • Only graduate courses numbered 5000 and 6000 may be taken under this rule.